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ATL - Approaches to Learning

These resources have been contributed by many people with a common mission - to design and implement a coherent and effective ATL programme. Please share them with others and contribute your own - send anything you would like to share to Lance at [email protected]

Every learner - teachers, students, parents

   The Problem with Grit

   Grit vs Resilience

   The Easy Way to Design Your Own ATL Skills Programme

   ATL skills workbook for MYP Students

Teacher Resources

   Literature Review of ATL Skills - suitable for MYP and DP - first pub 04/13

   Teaching Affective Skills first pub. 04/12

   From Barclay Lilievre NIST - Parents survey - data from parents and ideas for parents

   From Tim Logan IS Paris - Social and Emotional Learning at ISP

   From Tim Logan ISP - Grade 6-10 Inquiry Questions ATL & Well Being

   From Tim Logan ISP - Spreadsheet linking ATL Skills and Wellbeing

   From Peter Cummins, Oakleigh Grammar, Assessing and Recording ATL progress using Atlas

   From Peter Cummins, Oakleigh Grammar, Student Self-Assessment of ATL Skills proforma

   From Gilbert Halcrow, Island School, Hong Kong - Teaching Collaboration within Theatre and Drama

   ATL Skills framework for MYP - original full skills list as Word file

   From Lennox Meldrum, IGBIS - linking responsible ICT tool use to the Learner Profile

   Teaching with ATL in Mind at the DP level - full article first pub 06/13.

   Literature Review of ATT (Appoaches to Teaching) - first pub 05/13

   Le Jardin Academy ATL Framework

   PYP - ATL Development stages - Andy Eastwood

   From Paul Morris, ISL London - Enriching the DP through ATL and Inquiry

   The Teaching Revolution and the IB - first pub. Nov 2012

   Student self-assessment rubric - Reflection on ATL skill development

   21st Century skills frameworks - slides

   ATL Skills Framework for MYP - full skills list as an Excel file

   ATL in the MYP - first pub. 06/12

   Bali Island School ATL framework 1

   Bali Island School ATL framework 2


   Developing Metacognitive Learning Practice 1 - first pub 2012

   Developing Metacognitive Learning Practice 2 - first pub 2012

   Using Peer Feedback to develop Writing Skills - Powerpoint Slides

ATL Links

Communication Skills

Alexis Wiggins and SPIDER

Youtube clip of groupwork exercise to promote deeper thinking and teach the process of effective collaboration and communication      [More ... ]

Harkness method of collaborative teaching

Lots of clips on the Harkness method of "round-table" teaching focused on improving communication between students and teachers      [More ... ]

Teaching English - BBC - huge resource base

BBC - excellent resources - lesson plans, activities, links for teaching English to students of all ages      [More ... ]

Communication and Collaboration Skills - Getting all Students involved, even the shy ones

Some good resources and systems that help get the shy kids involved whilst respecting their introversion      [More ... ]

Developing Questioning skills

Great ideas and resources for developing questioning - the essential first step in inquiry      [More ... ]

Exercises for teaching listening skills

From India, a series of exercises adaptable to any subject which teach the skill of listening carefully      [More ... ]

Using Peer Feedback to develop Writing Skills

Lots of suggestions, lesson plans and resources for teaching all forms of communication      [More ... ]

Seven Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback - from Grant Wiggins

How to make sure that feedback given to students works.      [More ... ]

Social Skills

On-line tools for active student collaboration

Eight tools to use in the classroom      [More ... ]

Teaching Collaboration Effectively

20 collaborative tips and strategies for teachers      [More ... ]

Aloha Lavina - The MYP Toolbox

Great resource covering many issues for MYP (and DP) teachers including how to implement ATL and teach using inquiry learning      [More ... ]

Self-Management Skills

Tips on getting practice done - applied to music practice but applicable for all areas

Overcoming procrastination to get practice done - organisational strategies      [More ... ]

Exercises to Increase Concentration

Yoga based methods to understand and develop higher levels of concentration      [More ... ]

Research Skills

Media Literacy Skills - good overview of today's digital media influences

Great resources for teaching media literacy, videos, commentary, links to good sites.      [More ... ]

Research Skills - Google Lessons in Effective Searching

On-line lessons in effective searching - four parameters of searching at three age group levels      [More ... ]

Research Skills - Seven Steps to Better Searching

Really simple four step process for more effective on-line searching      [More ... ]

Research Skills - 10 Tips for Better Searching

Simple stuff to teach students of all ages how to search well      [More ... ]

Media Literacy Skills - another great resource for teaching media literacy

Good research material, information for teachers, parents, links etc      [More ... ]

History of Social Media

Good up-to-date (2016) piece on the history of social media platforms      [More ... ]

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills - Digital tools for critical thinking aligned with Bloom's taxonomy

Lots of resources for teaching critical thinking through the lens of Bloom’s taxonomy      [More ... ]

De Bono's CoRT Thinking Programme - developing critical thinking

Slide share of the first 10 critical thinking skill exercises - use in any class      [More ... ]

Strategies for Teaching Critical and Creative Thinking

Distinctions, definitions and a framework for teaching critical and creative thinking      [More ... ]

Stanford d-school - Framework for Critical and Creative Thinking

Comprehensive resource for implementing critical and creative thinking in your classroom      [More ... ]

Great summary of models of critical and creative thinking

Find the thinking model that suits your subject and your students best      [More ... ]

Teacher Tools - how to teach thinking skills

Great resources, links, lessons      [More ... ]

Question Bank for developing analytical thinking and problem solving

Very useful questions and answers in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, analytical thinking      [More ... ]

More Q & A for developing logical, analytical thinking

Very useful in every classroom      [More ... ]

Other ATL Related Sites

Blended Learning and Flipped classrooms

Great resource for introducing more web-based content into every lesson      [More ... ]

Youtube clips on Approaches to Teaching in the MYP

Diane Smith - great Youtube clips explaining many aspects of teaching in the MYP      [More ... ]

Writing Inquiry Questions - Examples of Inquiry Questions in Science over many levels

From AusVELS - Australian Curriculum in Victoria - good examples of progression in complexity of inquiry questions in Science      [More ... ]

Developing Global Awareness in the Classroom - Global Digital Citizen Foundation

18 great resources for use in the classroom - helping develop global awareness in students      [More ... ]

Writing Inquiry Questions - Summary of Resources for Essential (Inquiry) Questions

Good resources to help you write Inquiry questions      [More ... ]

Differentiating teaching

Good resources and videos explaining and demonstrating differentiation in action      [More ... ]

Writing Inquiry Questions - Chapter 1 from Essential Questions by Wiggins & McTighe

Examples of Essential questions in many subjects and good explanations of how to write them      [More ... ]

Lance King - The Art of Learning facebook page

This is where I will be placing all my tips for teachers from now on - link up for automatic notification      [More ... ]

Effective EdTech resources for any teacher

Great tips and links      [More ... ]

Many brilliant free lesson plans and resources in every subject at every level

British resources for teachers - some free, some with a fee      [More ... ]

ATL Articulation - making connections - part 1 of 4

Aloha Lavina's clear prescription for inculding ATL skills at the Unit Planner stage      [More ... ]

Other ATL Related sites

ATL - The Big Picture

My latest clip on ATL structure with some new important disctinctions      [More ... ]

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