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blogLance King and his team are available in:
 Tasmania, Australia:
   20 Jul, 2017 - 25 Jul, 2017
 Hanoi, Vietnam:
   29 Jul, 2017 - 5 Aug, 2017
 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:
   6 Aug, 2017 - 12 Aug, 2017
   14 Aug, 2017 - 17 Aug, 2017
 Bangkok, Thailand:
   25 Aug, 2017 - 7 Sep, 2017
 Bali, Indonesia:
   8 Sep, 2017 - 11 Sep, 2017
 Hong Kong:
   12 Sep, 2017 - 19 Sep, 2017
 New Zealand - all over:
   20 Sep, 2017 - 6 Oct, 2017
 Beijing, China:
   7 Oct, 2017 - 21 Oct, 2017
 Shanghai, China:
   22 Oct, 2017 - 3 Nov, 2017
 London, England:
   4 Nov, 2017 - 18 Nov, 2017
 Munich, Germany:
   19 Nov, 2017 - 25 Nov, 2017
 Phuket, Thailand:
   26 Nov, 2017 - 3 Dec, 2017
 Hanoi, Vietnam:
   7 Dec, 2017 - 9 Dec, 2017
 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:
   10 Dec, 2017 - 13 Dec, 2017
   14 Jan, 2018 - 27 Jan, 2018
 Tokyo, Japan:
   2 Feb, 2018 - 5 Feb, 2018
 Hong Kong, China:
   6 Feb, 2018 - 18 Feb, 2018
 Bangkok, Thailand:
   18 Feb, 2018 - 3 Mar, 2018

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blogEric Lauzon is available in:
 Edmonton, Canada:
   11 Sep, 2017 - 15 Sep, 2017
 Quebec City, Canada:
   18 Sep, 2017 - 19 Sep, 2017
 Ottawa, Canada:
   21 Sep, 2017 - 22 Sep, 2017

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Tips for Parents

For relevant tips and ideas just click on the time of year you are interested in.
Please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the post or ask a question.

  Tips: 1. Beginning a new school year

  Tips: 2. Half-year - before mid-year exams

  Tips: 3. After mid-year exams

  Tips: 4. Between mid-year exams and finals

  Tips: 5. Eight weeks before finals

  Tips: 6. During final exams

  Tips: 7. Summer holiday time

Tips: 8. The Antidote to the Tiger Mother Syndrome

In January 2011, Amy Chua, a Professor of Law at Yale University, published The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, where she espoused a philosophy of unrelenting pressure, drive, motivation, organization and planning from parents as the best way to help children achieve lofty goals....      [More ... ]

Tips: 1. Beginning a new school year
Beginning a new school year, developing the resilient learner

The biggest difficulty I have always had is simply getting involved. Like you I am sure, I find my own life to be very busy and there is not much time available to get involved in my children's schooling and it is so much easier just to leave it all up to the school. Also my children do not want me to be involved, they do not want to be picked out as having an interfering parent and would much sooner I just kept out of it! And of course I have chosen the school they attend because I believe it will do a good job for them so my tendency is to just let them get on with it.      [More ... ]

Tips: 2. Half-year - before mid-year exams
Half way through the year, before mid-year exams - independent learning

Holidays are over, it's as cold as it ever gets where you are and your children are back at school feeling like their holiday was too short, they've forgotten everything they learned last term and they are already behind in their work. Have I got it right?      [More ... ]

Tips: 3. After mid-year exams
After mid-year exams - using their results to help prepare for end-of-year exams

In the last couple of months your children will most probably have sat their mid-year exams, by now they will have got all the results back and as they are now looking down the road a bit to their end of year exams it might be a good time to go over those mid-year exam results:      [More ... ]

Tips: 4. Between mid-year exams and finals
Between mid-year exams (or mocks) and final exams - motivation and focus

Your children have all sat their ‘mock’ exams (I think that is a terrible name for an important set of exams because what does to mock mean? And we wonder why they don’t take them seriously?) and I set out in my last blog how to process those results. Now your children are moving inexorably closer to their greatest challenge of the year, their final exams.      [More ... ]

Tips: 5. Eight weeks before finals
The Run-up to Exams - 8 weeks before finals

Eight weeks until the major band of GCSE and IGCSE examinations, a bit longer for A Level and IB exams. Is it serious yet? Is the nervous tension starting to crackle a little around your house?      [More ... ]

Tips: 6. During final exams
Final Exams - final preparation, pressure, stress and the value of education

By now your children will be seriously into their study, and will be starting to wind up for their first exam. If they haven't started serious study yet then either they are so brilliant that they can retain information perfectly after having heard it only once and consequently don't need to study, or they are procrastinating or they just don't care.      [More ... ]

Tips: 7. Summer holiday time
Summer holiday time

Now is the time to build great holiday memories. Get away from home as much as you can. Create summer adventures for your children. What's the definition of an adventure? No fixed destination!      [More ... ]


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